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Fall for You

Airing Date

July 6,2020 - August 19,2020
Night Time
7 pm - 8 pm

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Alden Garcia
Aoi Matusura
Gabe Lawrence
Sarah Yamamoto


Drama, Comedy, Romance, Action





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Eva (Aoi Matusura) is a successful cosmetic surgeon who is taken back in time to fulfill a mission she did not finish in her past life and that is to save the life of Prince Gabriel (Alden Garcia) from his killer whom also killed Prince Gabriel's brother, Prince Leon (Liu Yi).


  • Alden Garcia as Prince Gabriel Milli - prince of Milli Kingdom. He is kind yet ruthless and is known for his great intelligence. He has an older brother who is supposed to be the crown prince of Milli but is killed after being poisoned days after being crowned as the prince of Milli Kingdom. Upon being a prince, he sets his goal to find his brother's killer, and while on the hunt, he gets to encounter Eva whom he hires as his personal doctor.
    • Paul Delos Santos as young Prince Gabriel
  • Aoi Matusura as Dr. Evangeline "Eva" Gomez / Anna Romualdez - a well-known cosmetic surgeon and CEO of Flawless. After being kicked out of her family at the age of 25 upon refusing to go with the ruthless rules of her father and the arranged marriage with Oliver. She temporarily lived in an orphanage and finishes her school while working multiple part-time jobs to support herself and her education. Due to her excellent skills and tactics, she rose to the top and also building her own company that surpasses her father's company. Furthermore, her clash with her family is not over as her older brother, Henry, is appointed as the new president of her father's company. One day, after being chased by an assassin hired by Henry to kill her, she stumbled upon an old antique shop where she accidentally transported back 200 years ago. It is later revealed that in her past life she is the lover of Prince Leon and that she and Prince Gabriel already met with each other 200 years ago.
    • Anna Santos as young Eva
  • Gabe Lawrence as Oliver Gonzales - a former son of a nobleman, but after being exiled in their own town in Agua Kingdom, he escaped to Milli Kingdom and later on became a well-known local swordsman, though unlike his father, he did not enter the Kingdom's military to protect the royal family as he despises anyone who is noble. After meeting Princess Isabel, he only wanted to use her to earn power but after a while he falls in love with her and even helping out who finds the killer of her older brother and the secret assassin who wants to kill Prince Gabriel.
  • Sarah Yamamoto as Princess Isabel Milli - Prince Gabriel's sister. She is smart, cold, and very calculating. She is known for her great beauty and class that makes all women in Milli becomes jealous of her. She dislikes her position as princess of her kingdom, as she wants freedom just like the other girls in Milli. One day, she roamed around Milli without letting her guards know, here she came to meet Oliver, a handsome yet a cunning local swordsman.
    • Emily Tan as young Princess Isabel

Supporting Cast

  • Larry Li as Henry Gomez - eldest son of Jaime and Aida and the newest president of J&G Cosmetics. He is ruthless and greedy and promises to do everything to bring down Eva's company.
  • Pearl Lopez as Queen Imelda Agua - queen of Agua Kingdom and the mother of Prince Jerome
  • Karl Stewart as Prince Jerome Agua - prince of Agua Kingdom and Oliver's old playmate and rival.

Guest Cast

  • Liu Yi as Prince Leon Milli - Prince Gabriel and Princess Isabel's older brother who is killed by an unknown assassin. Before his death, he is supposed to marry Anna, a local doctor in Milli
  • Adrian Lebedev as King Felix Agua - Ruthless king of Agua Kingdom and the one that exiled Oliver's family in their kingdom, fearing that
  • Edward Martinez as Matthias Gonzales - father of Oliver and Remy. He is known as a great swordsman and an assassin. He and his family are later on exiled in Agua Kingdom, after he found out one of King Felix's dark secret.
  • Claire Madrigal as Remy Gonzales - older sister of Oliver who is killed during their exiled from Agua Kingdom.