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Game of Revenge

Airing Date

June 6,2016-July 26,2016

Total Episodes



Alexander Suzuki
Kayla Yamamoto
Johnny Delgado
Laila Gonzales


Drama, Romance


2 (15.68%)



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Old Fashion

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Dating Impossible

Joaquin (Alexander Suzuki) is the CEO of Stardust Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment company in the country. Upon proposing to his longtime girlfriend Katherine (Brittney Nashwell), he remains as a nice and caring person but after the incident that Celina (Kayla Yamamoto) had caused after being payed by Joaquin's rival in order to pay for her mother's surgery to messed up Joaquin and Katherine's party, Joaquin became a Satan's soul having no care in the people around him and to also take revenge on Celina for ruining his and Katherine's party that later on led to Katherine's death.


  • Alexander Suzuki as Joaquin Estadilla – current CEO of Stardust Entertainment
  • Kayla Yamamoto as Celina Salvador – a culinary graduate student who currently works at the Magic Café.
  • Johnny Delgado as Hector Villanueva – a middle class man who acts as a high class person, he is Celina’s ex-boyfriend who dump Celina for a wealthier woman.
  • Laila Gonzales as Sarah Pimentel – a plastic surgeon and the daughter of the CEO of Silver Crown Hotel, one of the most famous hotel in the country.

Supporting Cast

  • Lilya Xu as Jenny Salvador – Celina’s younger sister who is currently a medical student.
  • Jazmin Ortega as Joanna Estadilla – Joaquin’s younger sister who goes at the same school as Jenny and is a brat
  • Johan Li as Jared “Red” Dela Cruz – a medical student who was caught in a love at first sight with Jenny.
  • Lileth Fernandez as Josephine Manrique – Joaquin and Joanna’s mother
  • Jan Garcia as Anthony Manuel “Atom” Sagrado – Joaquin’s best friend and the owner of Atom’s Mall, one of the biggest mall in the country. He likes Joanna even though she’s a brat.
  • Daniel Fernandez as Thomas Estadilla – Joaquin and Joanna’s father
  • Bianca Nashwell as Lenny Alvarez – Jenny and Celina’s neighbor who is a prima donna who is currently working in Stardust Entertainment.
  • Freddy Lee as Michael Angelo “Mike” Agustin – a worker in Stardust Entertainment

Special Participation

  • Brittney Nashwell as Katherine Estrada – Joaquin’s fiancée who died due to an accident.


Episode Date Number Ranking Primetime Ranking Overall Monday-Tuesday
1 June 6,2016 18% 2nd 4th
2 June 7,2016 17% 2nd 3rd
3 June 13,2016 12% 2nd 4th
4 June 14,2016 18% 2nd 4th
5 June 20,2016 13% 2nd 4th
6 June 21,2016 10% 3rd 5th
7 June 27,2016 20% 3rd 5th
8 June 28,2016 11% 3rd 6th
9 July 4,2016 21% 1st 3rd
10 July 5,2016 20% 1st 3rd
11 July 11,2016 26% 1st 3rd
12 July 12,2016 19% 1st 3rd
13 July 18,2016 14% 1st 2nd
14 July 19,2016 5% 1st 4th
15 July 25,2016 15% 1st 3rd
16 July 26,2016 12% 2nd 4th