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In My Heart

Airing Date

October 28,2013-December 31,2013

Total Episodes



Christian Kim
Kim Park
Laila Gonzales
Richard Reyes
Carlo Cruz
Gabryel Ryan


Drama, Romance


1 (3.20)

Louie (Christian Kim) the real heir of Legacy Soap is being beaten by his foster brother Samuel (Carlo Cruz) who is at the favor of their father Bernard (Patrick Velasco), this left him to be competent with Samuel, he later met Daniella (Kim Park) an energetic young woman who works at a hospital as a nurse, after hanging out with Daniella, Louie became closer with Daniella and thus falling in love with her, but after knowing his father's relation with Daniella and history, he blames Daniella for the death of his real father.


Supporting Cast

  • Zeryl Hernandez as Ava Santiago
  • Patrick Velasco as Bernard Santiago
  • Kristina Lim as Lorna Ruiz-Santiago
  • Eder Oliveira as Nicka Santiago
  • Ursula Watag as Yolanda Del Valle
  • Krisanto Enriquez as Vito Del Valle
  • Zandro Zamora as Philip Alvarez

Special Participation

  • Jaime Lazaro as Sandro Atienza
  • Zyriel Olinares as Young Daniella
  • Xavier Santos as Young Louie
  • Xena Fernandez as Shaina Alvarez