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In Time with You

Airing Date

June 25,2016-August 14,2016

Total Episodes



Tinkerbell Dominguez
William Alvarez
Kris Dalton
Cindy Rellana
Nadia Rodriguez
Mark Hidalgo


Drama, Romance


2 (13.00%)



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Drama Princes

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The Wedding Dress

Katherine (Tinkerbell Dominguez) is a hardworking nurse at the Padilla hospital who fell in love at first sight with James (William Alvarez) one of the most prominent surgeon in the hospital and the current heir of the hospital. On the other hand James’s mother Victoria (Adelaide Rodriguez) got a sense of this and quickly and slowly tries to threaten Katherine to not dare flirt with James and even tells her that she is flirting with a soon-to-be-married man with Sari (Nadia Rodriguez) who also came from a wealthy family.


  • Tinkerbell Dominguez as Katherine Balbuena – a nurse at the Padilla Hospital
  • William Alvarez as James Padilla – heir of Padilla Hospital and an outstanding surgeon
  • Kris Dalton as Noah Gutierrez – heir of La Bella Hotel and Janine’s brother
  • Cindy Rellana as Bianca Manalo – a once famous singer but after leaving her career for the sake of James she loses everything especially after the incident that had occurred due to James’s mother that led her losing her ability to sing, she left James and goes back to the country after 5 years to get her revenge to the Padilla family.
  • Nadia Rodriguez as Sari San Miguel – heiress of San Miguel Jewelry and the one who is in an arranged marriage with James.
  • Mark Hidalgo as Carlo Panganiban – a surgeon in Padilla Hospital who seems close with Katherine and sometimes appears as her knight in shining armor, he likes Sari

Supporting Cast

  • Adelaide Rodriguez as Victoria Montecillo – a prominent surgeon and mother of James, Jake, and Jaymie
  • Basilio Lopez as Jaime Padilla – a former doctor and the current owner of Padilla Hospital
  • Tristan Trinidad as Jake Padilla – James and Jaymie’s younger brother and a current medical student.
  • Paige Watson as Anika Lobredo – Katherine’s cousin
  • Anna Garcia as Georgina “Georgie” Padilla – James, Jake, and Jaymie’s aunt and Jaime’s younger sister, she is a prominent lawyer.
  • Lara Javier as Jimena Garcia – Noah’s kind hearted mother
  • Yesenia Sanchez as Jaymie Padilla – James and Jake’s sister who is currently a medical student.
  • Jeric Gutierrez as Nathan Abalos – Jake’s best friend

Special Participation

  • Francisco Monte Claro as June Gutierrez – a prominent pilot, but died due to an airplane crash
  • Jason Uy as Young James – plays the younger James
  • Manolo Diaz as Young Noah – plays the younger Noah
  • Alyson Peralta as Ingrid Mendoza – a famous model and James’s ex-girlfriend

Guest Cast

  • Alexandra Araya as Janine Gutierrez – daughter of the owner of the 5 star hotel called La Bella
  • Amanda Castillo as Hannah Romualdez – Katherine’s best friend who goes abroad to get treatment due to her serious illness.


Episode Date Number Ranking Primetime Ranking Overall Saturday-Sunday
1 June 25,2016 15%
2 June 26,2016 12%
3 July 2,2016 5%
4 July 3,2016 9%
5 July 9,2016 2%
6 July 10,2016 7%
7 July 16,2016 4%
8 July 17,2016 12%
9 July 23,2016 11% 3rd 4th
10 July 24,2016 15% 2nd 4th
11 July 30,2016 23% 1st 2nd
12 July 31,2016 16% 1st 3rd
13 August 6,2016 20% 2nd 4th
14 August 7,2016 16% 2nd 5th
15 August 13,2016 22%
16 August 14,2016 15%