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Loving You

Loving You

Airing Date

August 7,2013-September 26,2013

Total Episodes



Len Venefsukja
Hannah Kahoko
Lydia Carlton
Cedric Uena
Monday Hyland
Brian Harris


Drama, Romance


5 (25.33)

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Rolling Love

JR (Len Venefsukja) and Jenny (Hannah Kahoko) are childhood friends, but since JR's parents got separated, JR had to moved together with his mother Ruth (Margaret Fuentes) to Manila, in search for a new life. Few years later Jenny who is now a doctor, met a patient name JR who got in a car accident after driving drunk. After knowing that it was her childhood friend JR, Jenny had tried her best to reconcile with her best friend, but as she was about to do it, JR is not the same person as she thought he would be.


Supporting Cast

  • Margaret Fuentes as Ruth Da Silva/Ruth Perez
  • Arturo Gomez as Renato Da Silva
  • Javier Serrano as Oscar Monte Claro
  • Kaylee Ibarra as Christine Duarte
  • Lisa Lorena as Elisa Magdayao
  • Jenna Soto as Grace Olinares-Da Silva
  • Bethany Sanchez as Claudia Da Silva
  • Marcus Santos as Mang Berting
  • Alvaro Gonzales as Ferdinand De Dios

Guest Cast


2013 MBN August Poll Awards

Drama of the Month = Nominated
Couple of the Month = Len Venefsukja & Hannah Kahoko = Nominated
Actor of the Month = Len Venefsukja = Nominated
Actress of the Month = Hannah Kahoko = Nominated