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My Destiny

Airing Date

February 11,2015-April 16,2015

Total Episodes



Michael Suzuki
Sarah Alvarez
Tony del Valle
Alexis Rodriguez


Drama, Romance


4 (26.40%)

After being rejected with his childhood sweetheart Sharmaine (Alexis Rodriguez) Jared (Michael Suzuki) the heir of the legendary Pelanco family is very broken hearted and decided to get very drunk one day and move on the next day. On the other hand Joanna (Sarah Alvarez) a cunning single lady just broken up with his ambitious boyfriend (Kris Dalton) who only wants her money since she is the heir of a well known cosmetic product. After getting on vacation for a month, Sharmaine is very shocked to find out that her father Henry (Timothy Rivera) the current CEO of "JOLENS" passed away and that the seat of CEO is passed to her uncle Juancho (Eliser Perez). Joanna who plans to take on the seat of CEO is stopped by her uncle who wants the company for himself and plans to assassinate Joanna, here being chased by her uncle's assassins Joanna got in a fatal car accident and ended up in amnesia.

Jared now handling their company came to meet with Joanna who now goes by the name of Angeline one of the new workers in his company, despite his coldness and arrogant-like attitude Angeline came to understand him but mostly quarrel with him, he later on became attached of Angeline's sweet nature and came to like her and even helping her get her company back to her when she finds out that she is the daughter of Henry the best friend of his deceased father.


Supporting Cast[]

  • Corazon Enriquez as Nida Pelanco
  • Eliser Perez as Juancho Fernandez
  • Erick Vergara as Alejandro "Alejo" Pelanco
  • Rosa Estrella as Isabelle Ramirez-Pelanco
  • Alyson Peralta as Sofia Núñez
  • Hiro Kodaka as Fausto Gomez
  • Victor Lazaro as Jaime Soto
  • Victor Genese as Bartolome Delos Santos
  • Michael Alfonso as Gregor Delos Santos

Special Participation[]


Episode Date Number Ranking Primetime Ranking Overall Wednesday-Thursday
1 February 11,2015 22% 2 2
2 February 12,2015 36% 1 1
3 February 18,2015 35% 1 1
4 February 19,2015 30% 1 1
5 February 25,2015 32%
6 February 26,2015 40%
7 March 4,2015 39%
8 March 5,2015 28%
9 March 11,2015 39%
10 March 12,2015 32%
11 March 18,2015 13%
12 March 19,2015 28%
13 March 25,2015 15%
14 March 26,2015 6%
15 April 1,2015 18%
16 April 2,2015 11%
17 April 8,2015 10%
18 April 9,2015 32%
19 April 15,2015 25%
20 April 16,2015 37%