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My One and Only

Airing Date

September 26,2015-November 22,2015

Total Episodes



Alexander Suzuki
Aoi Matusura
Ren Silva
Ren Cruz
Nick Yamamoto
Yna Madison
Raja Lee


Drama, Romance


4 (20.72%)

Preceded by

Double Identity

Followed by

A Journey to Your Heart




  • Alexander Suzuki as Kenji Delos Reyes – heir of Romana Hotel and the leader of “Infinite”, his father is once part of a well-known band before being a great businessman
  • Aoi Matusura as Katherine San Pedro – a worker in the hotel that is owned by Kenji’s family
  • Ren Silva as Kyle Fernandez – Kenji’s cousin and rival in Romana Hotel
  • Ren Cruz as Nicolai “Nico” Savedra – a well-known idol and a part of Kenji’s band “Infinite” and the main vocalist
  • Nick Yamamoto as Jerry Savedra – Nico’s cousin and a part of Kenji’s band “infinite” as one of the guitarist
  • Yna Madison as Rika Espinosa – a high school student that goes in the same school as Nico

Supporting Cast

  • Nieves Gonzalez as Mirabelle “Mira” Delos Reyes – Claudia’s sister and the niece of Kenji
  • Irene Aquino as Claudia Delos Reyes – Mira’s sister and the niece of Kenji
  • Maria Bianchi as Krystal Gomez – Katherine’s co-worker and Mira’s secretary
  • Leah Ramirez as Avy Samonte – Katherine’s co-worker and Claudia’s secretary
  • Lara Javier as Rio Peralta – Katherine, Katrina, and Marlon’s mother who currently works as a sales person and a teacher in a nearby company and school
  • Alejandro Santos as Manuel San Pedro – Katherine, Katrina, and Marlon’s father who currently works as a mechanic in a nearby company
  • Kacey Thompson as Sari Concepcion – Katherine’s best friend
  • Hannah San Pedro as Katrina San Pedro – Katherine’s younger sister and Marlon’s elder sister
  • Jio Sterling as Marlon San Pedro – Katherine and Katrina’s younger brother
  • Gabriel Anderson as Freddy Lazaro – One of the worker’s in Romana Hotel
  • Adrian Lebedev as Eugenio Santos – Katherine’s boss in her work place

Special Participation

  • William Ramos as Wayne Ramos – a well-known idol and Ella’s childhood friend
  • Yna Madison as Ella Pagdanganan - a high school student and Wayne’s childhood friend


Episode Date Number Ranking Daytime Ranking Overall Saturday-Sunday
1 September 26,2015 13% 2nd 3rd
2 September 27,2015 6% 2nd 3rd
3 October 3,2015 16% 2nd 3rd
4 October 4,2015 15% 3rd 3rd
5 October 10,2015 19% 3rd 3rd
6 October 11,2015 35% 2nd 2nd
7 October 17,2015 22% 2nd 3rd
8 October 18,2015 21% 2nd 4th
9 October 24,2015 18% 2nd 4th
10 October 25,2015 1% 2nd 4th
11 October 31,2015 3% 2nd 4th
12 November 1,2015 3% 3rd 5th
13 November 7,2015 13% 2nd 4th
14 November 8,2015 21% 2nd 3rd
15 November 14,2015 31% 1st 2nd
16 November 15,2015 41% 1st 2nd
17 November 21,2015 51% 1st 2nd
18 November 22,2015 44% 1st 2nd