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Rolling Love

Rolling Love

Airing Date

October 2,2013-November 21,2013

Total Episode



Julia Venefsukja
Gabriel Fernandez
Gilbert Ramirez
Ami Yamamoto


Drama, Comedy, Romance


2 (10.00)

Preceded by

Loving You

After her mother died Hannah (Julia Venefsukja) together with her father Leo (Jacob Blanco) had moved to Manila, in order to forget the bad memories that they have in their hometown. Her father applied in Buenavista Corp. and fortunately got accepted while Hannah continues her studies in a university to pursue her dream to be a fashion designer just like her mother. In her university she meets Julian (Gabriel Fernandez) of whom she's in love at first sight and her childhood friend Rodjun (Gilbert Ramirez) of whom has a crush on her.


Supporting Cast

  • Lara Javier as Sandra Buenavista
  • Fernando Valdez as Abner Buenavista
  • Jacob Blanco as Leo Ortega
  • Kacey Thompson as Vicky Morales
  • Yumi Olinares as Kristine Bautista
  • Felix Le as Ely Buenavista
  • Eliza Pineda as Rose Buenavista
  • Emily Soriano as Pauline 
  • Charlotte Johnson as Olivia Ray
  • Hannah Cruz as Nora Crisanto

Guest Cast

  • Penelope San Miguel as Giselle Ortega
  • Sandy King as Young Hannah


2nd MBN Drama Awards

Best Child Actor - Felix Le = Nominated