That Thing Called Love


That Thing Called Love

Release Date

August 16,2015


Angelo Maxwell
Nathalie King
Oliver Reyes
Cecile Sterling
Ren Cruz
Nami Wallner


Drama, Comedy, Romance




MG30 M
MG49 M

Film Production

MBN Films

Enzo (Angelo Maxwell) is a spoiled brat rich kid who grew up getting all the things that he ever wanted, he fell in love with Kylie (Cecile Sterling) a famous student in their school and the one that makes him smile when he has problems, but faith turns around after he meet Kara (Nathalie King) a middle class energetic woman that is the complete opposite of Kylie, he doesn’t like Kara at first but comes to like her and turn into love.


  • Angelo Maxwell as Enrico Zolomon “Enzo” Buenavista – heir of Buena Vista Hotel and Kylie’s boyfriend who later falls for Kara
  • Nathalie King as Kara David – a delight young lady and Enzo and Sam’s love interest
  • Oliver Reyes as Samuel Benedict “Sam” Ocampo – best friend of Kara who likes her
  • Cecile Sterling as Kylie Pineda – famous student and Enzo’s girlfriend
  • Ren Cruz as Paolo David – Kara’s younger brother
  • Nami Wallner as Camille “Cam” Delos Reyes – Paolo’s classmate and love interest
  • Kacey Thompson as Leah Isidro – friend of Kylie
  • Yesenia Sanchez as Bettina Lazaro – friend of Kylie
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