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The Babysitter

Airing Date

June 17,2015-August 13,2015

Total Episodes



Gabriel Wu
Antoinette Wilson
Nola Dobereiner
Stephen Epifalde
Boo Monteverde


Drama, Romance, Comedy


5 (29.88%)

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Five Fingers and Melodies

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The Impersonator

Eris (Antoinette Wilson) is a cunning woman whose job is like a paparazzi, after getting in an accident in Lotus Hotel, Benjie (Gabriel Wu) the owner of Lotus Hotel makes a deal with Eris to be his younger brother's babysitter in exchange of Eris not going into jail.


Supporting Cast




Episode Date Number Ranking Primetime Ranking Wednesday-Thursday
1 June 17,2015 24% 1st 1st
2 June 18,2015 31% 1st 1st
3 June 24,2015 32% 1st 3rd
4 June 25,2015 35% 2nd 3rd
5 June 30,2015 19% 2nd 4
6 July 1,2015 37% 2nd 3rd
7 July 8,2015 43% 1st 3rd
8 July 9,2015 42% 1st 2nd
9 July 15,2015 60% 1st 1st
10 July 16,2015 39% 1st 2nd
11 July 22,2015 25% 2nd 4
12 July 23,2015 30% 2nd 3rd
13 July 29,2015 27% 1st 2nd
14 July 30,2015 14% 2nd 3rd
15 August 5,2015 24% 2nd 3rd
16 August 6,2015 30% 1st 2nd
17 August 12,2015 26% 2nd 3rd
18 August 13,2015 20% 2nd 3rd


Year Award/Recognition Category Nominee Result
2016 1st JBN Drama Awards Best Short Drama Series The Babysitter Won
Best Primetime Drama Series The Babysitter Nominated
Best Actor in a Short Drama Series Gabriel Wu Nominated
Best Actress in a Short Drama Series Antoinette Wilson Won
Best Actor in a Primetime Drama Series Gabriel Wu Nominated
Best Actress in a Primetime Drama Series Antoinette Wilson Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Stephen Epifalde Won
Best New Actor Stephen Epifalde Nominated
Best Young Actor Boo Monteverde Won
Best Couple Gabriel Wu & Antoinette Wilson Nominated
Most Popular Actor Gabriel Wu Nominated
Most Popular Actress Antoinette Wilson Nominated