Villa Amor

Release Date

May 7,2012

Distributed by

Pink Films


Horror, Suspense, Drama

  • Angelina Jones as Emily Amor = the spoiled brat sister of Ingrid who doesn’t believe in ghost before she sees her grandma And the spirit of the one who killed her grandma.
  • Eris Watson as Ingrid Amor = the younger sister of Emily who can talk to the spirit of her grandma Corazon and also can see the spirit of the one who killed her grandma.
  • Dennis Hartmann as Angelo Amor = the older brother of Emily and Ingrid who is the first one to feel that there is something in Villa Amor and the first one to see his grandma’s spirit.
  • Samuel Cruz as Eduardo Amor = the father of Carlo and Emillio and the husband of Corazon.
  • Manuel Angeles as Carlo Amor = the father of Emily, Ingrid, and Angelo, and also the younger son of Corazon and Eduardo
  • Lara Javier as Patricia Amor = the mother of Emily, Ingrid, and Angelo.
  • Francis Monte Claro as Emillio Amor = the oldest son of Eduardo and Corazon and also the older brother of Carlo. He did not inherit Villa Amor because at first Eduardo and Corazon had notices he’s evil intention.
  • Elsa Garcia as Eva Amor = the wife of Emillio and mother Sarah
  • Isabella Hernandez as Sarah Amor = the daughter of Emillio and Eva and the one who also killed her grandma from the behalf of her father.

Supporting Cast

  • Isabella King as Monica = the friend of Emily and also the friend of the murderer long ago.
  • Margaret Smith as Yna = the only friend of Ingrid
  • Hamilton Javier as Larry = the friend of Angelo
  • Yuri Yamamoto as Christine Chavez = the classmate of Emily and likes Angelo
  • Catherine Hoffman as Grace Chavez = the evil sister of Christine she also likes Angelo that’s why she befriend Emily.
  • Yna Yamase as Angeline Di Santos/Ms. Angeline = the creepy teacher of Emily and Christine, some students thought that she is a witch that’s why she doesn’t have a husband yet at her age but It’s not like they thought.

Guest Cast

  • Corazon Enriquez as Corazon Amor = the grandma of Emily and the real owner of Villa Amor before she dies and gives villa Amor to her younger son Felipe. No one knows how she died.
  • Meilin Dee as Young Sarah