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The story started when Alfred (Tony Yuhi) and Maribel's (Francine Kodaka) parents Oscar (Hiro Kodaka) and Maricel (Fatima Mercado) had accepted Leonardo Castillo's (Carlos dela Vega) offer to help him on the upcoming election for governor. a week after the final election Leonardo had accidently killed his elder brother Alvin (Benjamin Silangan) and Oscar had seen the whole thing and helped Leo scrapt the body of Alvin to a nearby river. 3 days prior to the event and the last marking of the election Alvin's body have been found and Leo's secret had occured on the media and at last he lost the election at his disappointment he blamed Oscar for his lost and had believed that Oscar betrayed him so he killed Oscar and let his bodyguards dumped his body far away where no one will see it. But Oscar's body had washed in the shore. 10 years had passed and Alfred is now a famous businessman he will now seek the people who killed his parents and seeks justice.


Actor Character Character Description
Tony Yuhi Alfredo "Alfred" Contreras The son of Oscar and Maricel Contreras and the elder brother of Maribel. He will seek revenge on the people who killed her parents and not knowing that the woman he loves is the family he seeks.
Alexander Suzuki Daniel Castillo The son of Leo Castillo. He is the heir of the Castillo family upon being the eldest. He is also the elder brother and protector of Melissa. He doesn't want Alfred and Melissa to be together since Alfred's parents are considered traitors to their family. But he will later on meet Alfred's sister Maribel and will eventually changes his opinion about the Contreras family.
Franchesca Mays Melissa Castillo Sister of Daniel and the only daughter of Leo and Janet. She fell in love with Alfred who she doesn't know is the son of a traitor to their family. Upon learning his backgrounds and lies about him she then tries to avoid him.
Bea Bellfodda Isabel Ortega The one and only daughter of Eusebio and Olivia Ortega. She is also the childhood friends of Alfred, Daniel, Melissa, and Maribel. She likes Alfred even when their still young but eventually doesn't admit it since she knows that Alfred likes Melissa.
Alden Garcia Hector Guerrero The son of Luis and Paloma Guerrero. Before his 13th birthday his parents got in a car accident and got killed that made him go lived up with his grandfather Jaime Guerrero who wants him to marry his bestfriends daughter Selena someday. But he is totally against it since she already like someone else Hannah Munoz his childhood friend, and also sees Selena as a spoiled brat, but he evetually comes to know her better and at the end fall for her.
Rosette Christopher Selena Bustamante The spoiled brat but kind hearted daughter of Mateo and Veronica Bustamante. She is considered perfect by others because of her beauty, rich standard in life, and has all the love of her parents. But she didn't think of herself as perfect since she always say that "No one in this world is perfect". He dislikes Hector a lot since he always ruins her day.
Francine Kodaka Maribel Contreras/Jasmine Sandoval The long lost sister of Alfred. She grew up unknown of her real identity and grew up as Jasmine Sandoval with her foster parents Magdalena and Lucio.
Elyssa Delos Reyes Lucy Rivera Alfred's classmate in New York. She met Alfred in New York, and eventually fall for him (love at first sight) and later followed him to the Philippines. Upon learning that Melissa likes Alfred she literally then decided to make Melissa's life miserable and even Alfred's friend Isabel. And eventually do everything just to make Alfred hers.
Daniel Kurosaki Paolo Illustre Character who is introduce in episode 51, he is the nephew of Leo Castillo and due to his parents accident that lead them to their deaths, Paolo will return to Manila and fullfill his parents wish to meet and work on his uncle's businesses.

Supporting Cast[]

Actor Character Character Description
Carlos dela Vega Leonardo "Leo" Castillo Father of Daniel and Melissa who failed to run as governor of San Agustin, loss by his cousin Benjie Caldovar. He later went to Manila to have build his own business company named Castillo Corporation. He is also the one who's behind Oscar Contreras and Alvin Castillo's death.
Claudia Anderson Janet Castillo The mother of Daniel and Melissa. At first she agrees of Alfred and Melissa being with each other but upon learning that Alfred is the son of Oscar and Maricel she will then tries everything to get them apart. She is also the cause of Maricel's death by drugging and causing her to overdoes.
Norbert Silangan Eusebio "Sebio" Ortega The bestfriend of Oscar in the province, he is once a farmer but due to hard work became a rich businessman. He is the father of Isabel and also the first person to help Alfred on re-establishing the Contreras Inc.
Aguinaldo Santiago Josefio "Jose" Sandoval A construction worker of San Martin province but got fired due to a simple mistake. He then got accepted in San Agustin as a construction worker. He is also the uncle of Alfred who take good care of him and treat him as his own son after Alfred's parents death.
Norbert Silangan Lucio Sandoval A farmer of San Agustin and the loving foster father to Maribel.
Daniella Paredes Magdalena "Magda" Sandoval Wife of Lucio and the step mother to Maribel and the real mother of Lara.
Alexis Rodriguez Hannah Munoz Childhood friend and crush of Hector. She is the first love of Hector, though she also likes Hector she cannot love him back since they're not destined to be together.
Helen Santiago Olivia Ortega Mother of Isabel and the vice-president of the Ortega Corp.
Daniel Arce Jaime Guerrero Father of Hector and the bestfriend of Mateo. He wants his grandson to end up with his bestfriend's daughter Selena.
Timothy Blanco Mateo Bustamante A rich businessman and Selena's father. He is the bestfriend of Hector's grandfather Jaime Guerrero.
Abigail Velazquez Veronica Bustamante Loving mother of Selena. She always that she'll do anything just to make her daughter happy.
Arturo Gomez Benjie Caldovar Cousin of Leonardo "Leo" Castillo. He is the reason why Leo loss the election for governor since he betrayed him and even talk to the police about Leo's sins during the election.
Sade Green Lara Sandoval The real daughter of Lucio and Magdalena and the foster sister of Maribel.

Guest Cast[]

Actor Character Character Description
Hiro Kodaka Oscar Contreras Father of Alfred and Maribel. He is a friend of Leo Castillo upon being co-workers in a company 11 years ago. He then become the driver of the Castillo household. But upon learning Leo's secret, by learning that Leo accidently killed his elder brother Alvin, Leo then put the blame on him, later get assasinate by one of Leo's bodyguard.
Fatima Mercado Maricel Samonte-Contreras The loving mother of Alfred and Maribel. She died of overdoes.
Lorena Uy Paloma Guerrero Mother of Hector. She died of a car accident before Hector's 13th birthday.
Enrico Leguizamon Luis Guerrero Father of Hector. He died in a car accident with his wife Paloma while preparing a party before Hector's 13th birthday.
Benjamin Silangan Alvin Castillo Leo's elder brother whom he accidently killed during the election.
Brian Gomez Teen Alfred Plays the teen Alfred
Alison Gonzaga Teen Melissa Plays the teen Melissa
Daniel Fernandez Teen Daniel Plays the teen Daniel Castillo. He is the childhood friend of Alfred, Isabel, and Maribel.
Rose Hyland Teen Isabel Plays the teen Isabel.
Eris Watson Young Maribel/Jasmine Plays the younger days of Maribel/Jasmine.


17th MMT Awards[]

Best Drama Performance by an Actor = Tony Yuhi = Nominated
Best Afternoon Television Series = Nominated
Best New Television Personality = Daniel Kurosaki = Nominated
Best Supporting Television Actor = Carlos dela Vega = Nominated


Wag Ka Lang Mawawala

Airing Date

May 28,2012-September 14,2012

Total Episode

54 as of August 9,2012




Drama, Romance, Revenge

Theme Song

Wag Ka Lang Mawawala by Tony Yuhi


5 (67.4)

Preceded by

First Love

Followed by

Angel ng Lupa


Tony Yuhi
Alexander Suzuki
Franchesca Mays
Bea Bellfodda
Alden Garcia
Rosette Christopher
Francine Kodaka
Elyssa Delos Reyes
Daniel Kurosaki