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Who Are We?

Release Date

October 1,2017


Eunice Hyland
Karen Sterling


Drama, Romance, Music



Film Production

JBN Entertainment


MG5.5 M

Few years prior from the story in a local province lies the infamous Flower Pot Orphanage. In Flower Pot Orphanage they took children that are abandoned by their parents during infancy and therefore taking care of them until someone adopts them or until they reach the age that they can stand by themselves. Two orphans Rose (Eunice Hyland) and Jasmine (Karen Sterling) grew up in the orphanage and literally became best friends and even began to treat each other as sisters.

Few years had passed and no one had ever adopted them, as the two of them go on their separate ways to pursue their own dreams, but as they meet once again one have completely change while the other is still trying to change and finding her real self.


  • Eunice Hyland as Rose Abella - an orphan of Flower Pot Orphanage and Jasmine's best friend and "sister". She is usually shy and quiet and is often bullied by the other kids at the orphanage while Jasmine is always protecting her. As a child she dreams to become a singer and eventually accomplished her goal when she became one of the top singer in the country. It is shown that she had great depression during her time in the entertainment world that led to her drastic change in personality and appearance, eventually shocking Jasmine, as she became much more of a sharp tongue which is unlike her when they parted ways. She is name after the flower Rose, as a myterious woman says that she can be sweet but dangerous. Her last name was the last name of the orphanage's owner, so eventually all the children that haven't been adopted has the last name of the orphanage's owner.
  • Karen Sterling as Jasmine Abella - an orphan of Flower Pot Orphanage and Rose's best friend and "sister". She is tomboyish and is very hot headed. She dislike people who hurt other people for no reason and evetually become the protector of Rose in the orphanage. During her time in the orphanage, she reveals to Rose that she dreams to become a pianist as she loves the sound of the piano whenever it is played in the orphanage as it soothes her soul. She eventually became a well-known pianist but after an incident that unables her to play the piano that much, she quits and became a music teacher instead. As for the drastic change just like Rose, Jasmine eventually become more feminine, which is the complete opposite of her past self. She is name after the flower Jasmine, as a mysterious woman says that she can be as sweet as the Jasmine